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The saying goes that behind every successful man there is always a successful woman. This is Majority of the time very truth. You can see an example with Obama and Michelle, you can also See Bill Gate and Melinda Gate and also you can see Bill Clinton and Hilary Clinton. These are all very successful people and we all know that very well! Our girls in Africa and that of the Caribbean’s are very hard working and many of them can turn out to be like these women but they will need hard working men to help them get through. While they need strong men, they also need equal pay for the same jobs they are doing with men because they sat in the same classrooms and learned the same discipline for the same grades. Many of us know how hard these women work daily and also know some of the horrible things like teenage pregnancy, shame for being disgrace from lacking of female sanitary pads, long distances schooling that will discourage attendance, exploitation by so-called government big shots, and even being lied to by unprofessional teachers who give grades for sex depriving the girls of knowledge she so desperate need to compete in life. Many of us from Africa or the Caribbean living in America know all these stories and even some stories are more serious than those just mentioned above. Those girls if we want some of them to be successful as we roll into globalization which demands what you know instead of who knows you, we need to start extending our hands to help them cross over. You can do these things by supporting SAMDA team in your country of origin.

These are SAMDA’s Agenda:
1. Create SAMDA women center near leading university where women will be employed
to work and pay themselves in beauty parlor and student café.
2. Offer more scholarships to determine female students in science to HBCU schools or
Some of SAMDA partners institutions.
3. Encourage many African female to compete in Basketball, Soccer, Long Tennis and
Other sports that will sometimes pave their way to success.
4. Create the “ Queen of Africa Team” for the purpose of raising funds for women cause
especially for some of our female college student from rural areas to the capital city
Universities who do not have financial means in the city.
5. Discourage young female from engaging in cheating by allowing sex for grades
from teachers

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