Meeting Update

October 12 2014 Meeting Minutes Meeting Attendance:

On October 12, 2014 the officials and members of SAMDA had a meeting to discuss issues relevance to the progress of the organization. The meeting started at 20:30 PM with a conference called from member and officials. However,  Mr. Tony Fele CEO/President  welcome everyone to the meeting. He also introduced the agenda items
1.  Prayer

  1.  2. Briefing from 4th Convention/ Introduction of new leaders
  2.  3.SAMDA ‘s Grant Proposal
  3. 4. Other Matters
  For the briefing, SAMDA CEO/President stated that the organization suffered another difficulty in North Carolina. He said that the 4th convention did not go well this year instead; we lost even what we put in to have the convention.  But was very hopeful that a lot of things will be happening in the near future. He was also happy that the convention went on to discourage those who are glued to damaging the path of the group.  He said that this should serve as a lesson going forward that if people refusedClick here to to help the group, we will always stand together so that what they think cannot happen will take place. He encourages everyone to work hard to make way for the organization.
  1. On the new leaders’ introduction, he said that Hon. Thomas Zigbuo, the former secretary of SAMDA and also a member of the Mein team will head the board as chairman. He replaced Dr. Wilfred Boayue who is present working as head for HIV Commissioners in Liberia. Assisting Hon. Zibo is our former Chaplain, Mr. Wesley Lankah from Wee Clan who will also be serving as Board member. We also have Mrs. Kou Victor to serve as board member for Zahn Clan, Miss Musu Konah as board member for Lessonoh Clan, Mr. Fohn Gartei as Board member of Lao Clan, while Miss Paige Morgan from California and Miss Janna Childers both serving on the board as representatives of friends of SAMDA. On the Executives, few changes were made. We have Mr. Wuo Christian Zigbuo replacing Hon. Wesley Lankah as our new chaplain and IT person, we have Hon. Isaac Flomo as our new secretary, we have Miss Kou Fahn and Zoe Zigbuo taking over the women group.
  2. 2. On the grant issue…, the CEO/President stated that SAMDA has not written any grant since its formation but now need something in place right now. He said that since August 08, 2014 SAMDA volunteers have been working from door-to-door educating tribal people in the villages of Nimba to be able to prevent themselves from the Ebola infection. So far, he said we have done very well with compliment from theSuperintendent, UP party, elders and chiefs of the Saclepea Mah where we have been working. But right now, our resources to keep the team going have been depleted. Therefore, the CEO wants us to start writing grants to support the team in Liberia not only to fight the outbreak but to now focus on the Orphans left behind in the county. He further said that he has spoken with the USAID officers to give some of the projects to SAMDA in Nimba County and have agreed but want our proposal. He there asked for member consensus so that the proposal can be forwarded.
    3. On other matters, the CEO said that SAMDA paid for registration of incorporation in Liberia and that Dr. Dopoe and others were working on said document. He further said that administration has agreed to work in partnership with the Gliah Foundation headed by Dr. Samuel Dopoe. Still under other matters, Mrs. Dopoe who just joined the group in Greensboro, North Carolina stated that she was happy to be a part of SAMDA team. She stressed that SAMDA working with Gliah Foundation was a right direction in that Gliah Foundation is already established in Liberia.