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The Saclepea Mah- Development Association recognized the important role of good employment in suffocating poverty,  improving health and reducing health inequalities:

 We believed that being without work is rarely good for one’s health, but while ‘good work is linked to positive health outcomes, jobs that are insecure, low-paid and that fail to protect employees from  being lifted from poverty, stress and other depressing  dangers make people unwell.

It is from this backdrop that  SAMDA is serving as a bridge in providing this job opportunity for young African Medical Professionals to get link to employments in the United Kingdom, Canada and  even the United States of America.

In these locations statistics have shown that  majority of the baby-bombers who have sacrificed their services to building these nations are now stranded in decision making as to remain in their homes or go to nursing homes to rest for the remaining of their journey. Of course in the developed world,  not that children of these baby-bombers do not care to take the initiative of caring for the old ones but they too have huge burdens to shoulder that will steal their love for ill or older family members.

 We anticipate that the program will contribute to providing the needed services to these baby-bombers in remote parts of these nations to remain in their homes and at the same times offer some smile to the faces of these young Africans   Medical professionals who are very eager to jump start their lives on the bright side and  forgetting about the dark side of raising daily from bed  thinking about where the next meal will come from.

Qualified candidate for the program will reside and work in the United States of America or Canada and United Kingdom.

 The Immigrant program for nurses has been adopted in several other states and foreign Countries around the World, by other organizations.

The SAMDA Employment Medical Professionals program was initiated early April of this year in Liberia, with plan to extend to other African Countries; like Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Ivory Coast and Cameroon.

Liberian nurses in NCLEX Exam Training session.

Launching of the Healthcare Program in Liberia

I. Recruitment Procedure: 

1 Applicant MUST apply for the SAMDA’s Healthcare Practitioners Program.
2 Submit a Curriculum Vita with the following information:

  • Personal profile statement/ Career Objective
  • Achievements
  • Education
  • Employment and Work Experience
  • Professional Training and Qualifications
  • Skills and Abilities
  • Hobbies and Interests
  • References

3 Prepared for an interview

III Program Requirements:

a. All Academic Credentials
b. Letter of Application
c. Three Letters of Recommendation

  • Church / Mosque
  • Current/ Former Employer
  • Community

II Program Benefits:

  • Lucrative Job Opportunities in Canada or USA
  • Security and Safety
  • HealthCare for Dependents
  • Pension Plan
  • Group Life Insurance
  • Education for Dependents
  • Freedom of Religion and Tolerance

Mission: SAMDA mission is to empower and motivate citizens of Saclepea -Mah Chiefdom, Africans, African Americans, and Caribbeans at home and abroad to help themselves to realize their vision, values, and aspiration through open, fair, respectful competition to achieve their desire for integrated sustainable development in the new global calls.
Vision: Preparing Africans, African Americans, and Caribbeans people where ever they are for sustainability, resilience, tough and competitive engagement for positive direction in globalization. 

Values: integration, teamwork, respect, and forging unity among Africans through advocating and competition.