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In many parts of the world, children looked to develop themselves in many areas. Sporting area is just one of those areas that a parent who wants the best for their kids will spend a lot of time doing. In the western world, many soccer and other sporting moms do so by moving their kids from one field to another. As you lived in the western world, you will quickly pick up the the positive importance of sports to the development of the child for which sporting moms will be willing to invest so much of their time and money to have their kids on the team. Even though some parents will introduce their child to sports to remove him/her from other distractions engulfing their surrounding, the majority do this for the child or children’s character molding and shaping that can be brought to the child from sports through friendships from teammate, installing leadership or opportunities to lead others (team captain), learning how to manage stress from defeat, self-regulation, accept failure and improving on failed steps and brings a lot of good sense of meaning and purpose at an early age. Sport can also build the child strength both mentally and physically and can even move the child from poverty. In Africa, many kids turned to sports for recreation and entertainment. These kids have the talents and only need some help to link them with people that will seek their interest of being best at what they are doing. Some who are better in schools need some helping hands to further their studies and improve their games. We in SAMDA having studied the situation that many of us were once upon a time in, have decided to take the below objectives:


  1. To improve on the African diaspora games that were launched in Columbia, Maryland USA to attract young talents from Africa and African communities in the USA/Canada and create the diaspora team in the USA/Canada where MLS will look up to in recruiting African players.
  2. To partner with HBCU colleges and other friendly universities in the USA and Canada to absorb our bright players for college careers and to create HBCU colleges soccer agenda/league for Africans, Caribbean’s, and African American kids
  3. To take soccer, basketball, and long Tennis in the classrooms ( High Schools and Universities) in Africa, create the Queens of Africa and African Gladiators games. The both Gladiator teams ( boys and girls) to play ceremonial games for fundraising purposes representing the United States of Africa for developmental projects in needed countries.
  4. To create real female soccer competition across Africa in the next three years to showcase African female talent in the world.
  5. To focus on improving the African Sporting Journalism activities, African Athletic Agents Association and train former Africa footballers through United States Soccer Coaching and Referees academy to take assignments for SAMDA in other African countries.

SAMDA has already launched the process in Liberia by taking soccer to the classrooms 2019. As the sporting engagement continues to increase, SAMDA has been given the task of improving the soccer activities in Africa to Veteran Nigeria Captain and defender, Mr. Taju Disu chairman Nigeria and head of African sports.

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