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In life, all of us want to be happy and successful. But sometimes, success does not come on the platter for all like those who were born with silver spoons. Many have to struggle very hard to make it and sometimes taking the highest risk possible to find success in the middle. Many of us have seen and heard the stories of poor Africans struggling very hard to leave their homes in Africa, dying by the dozens in the oceans just to escape the daily struggle in our land of plenty that is not shared equally by trusted folks. These are sad stories for a giant continent such as ours!

We in SAMDA are sure that some of you that are reading this script have experienced or being touched with such difficult experiences before and were blocked out from your ordinary path and left wondering where to start. Sometime ago, we just heard a horrible story of some Liberians now breaking rock to sell to make a living. These folks were not using machines to break the rock but their bare hands. Now, these folks are surely desperate! As the saying goes…desperate situation requires desperate solution!
Many people in many parts of the Africa, for example, Sudan, Guinea, Mali, are living just like these folks in Liberia. Some are very desperate for little help to make end-meets. It is for these Vulnerable population that are asking many of you to help through SAMDA. We want some of you who have traveled from your home to the western world to know that if we can not do it…nobody Will for us!

Here are the agenda for SAMDA in members’ countries:

  1. Create SAMDA women kitchens/beauty parlors on university campuses to hire vulnerable girls from rural areas coming to schools in the urban areas that do not have sponsors to work and support themselves while at the same time attending classes.
  2. SAMDA will introduce low cost transport systems to move citizens from one destination to another and cutting cost for hardworking teachers and nurses at an affordable price of 66% of regular price. the drivers for these cars will maintain, service the cars and pay themselves.
  3. SAMDA will encourage young entrepreneurship that will buy and sell local products to
    diaspora Africans to be sold in convenience stories for self employment.
  4. SAMDA will group professional people like plumbers, electricians, mechanics and builders to prepare themselves to be marketable for jobs in SAMDA affiliated countries Instead of staying in their countries when their services are needed in other African countries.
  5. We have been hearing horrible stories about Africa micro financing. Some are saying that those Africans will take your money and failed to return it. Well for these Folks, we want to assure them that SAMDA’s staff will continue to monitor recipients closely and helping them to achieve.

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