Address By SAMDA Cameroon Director, Nchang During March 18 Launch of Sports Activities

All protocol is respected.

All administrative, sporting, academic, and religious authorities present.
The Founder/CEO of SAMDA in absentia.
Dear Sportsmen and Women, ladies and gentlemen, 

It is my singular pleasure as the Director of SAMDA Cameroon to welcome you to the launch ceremony of the first ever football competition organized here at the Military Camp Football Field Up Station Bamenda in the North West Regional Capital of Cameroon. 

We cannot go ahead with this speech without first thanking the Cameroon Government through the Minister of Territorial Administration MINAT for facilitating the obtention of SAMDA Cameroon’s authorization N0 000111/O/MINAT/SG/SAP/SDLP//SA/DTPB of November 23, 2022 and for the Divisional Officer (DO) of Bamenda 1, not forgetting the authorities of the Military Camp, for permitting SAMDA Cameroon to freely carry out their various sporting activities in Bamenda.

In effect, what is SAMDA? SAMDA stands for Saclepea-Mah Development Association, a North Carolina Community Development Corporation having as its motto “Service without Fear and Discrimination.” The headquarters are in Greensboro, NC 27419, USA. 

The founder and CEO is Mr. Tony Kona Fele, a Liberian by birth with American citizenship. Haven found himself in the US and, having a high passion for the development of Africa amidst all the negative challenges facing Africans despite a high diversity of natural and human resources, decided to bring all the children of Africa together to mend their forces and tackle some of the desperate needs of our population. 

Our objective is to improve the livelihood of our people on the whole continent of Africa. SAMDA’s focus for Cameroon is on sports, healthcare, education, agriculture, and gender issues. 

Considering that 70% of our population is made up of youths, our focus will be on the growing population of Cameroon, i.e., the youths, especially the students, and more particularly soccer.

Sooner or later, we’ll begin to watch some of our successful players here on the big screen in international soccer in the colours of top clubs like Chelsea, Inter Milan, Barcelona, PSG, Manchester United, etc. 

Already in 2019, SAMDA organized the All Africa Games in the US featuring countries like Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Liberia, Nigeria, Guinea, the Ivory Coast, and Togo, where SAMDA is functional.

We hope that Cameroon will soon join the crew.
SAMDA is also into textbooks distribution in Africa to needy kids.

Dear listeners, fellow sportsmen and women, ladies and gentlemen, we have a lot coming our way in Cameroon. Indeed, SAMDA is thinking well of Cameroon. 
We are only pleading with the Cameroonian authorities in general and the North West Regional Headquarters in particular to facilitate our task here in Bamenda to accomplish our objectives. 

I will end my welcome speech with these words from the Holy Scriptures: Zechariah 4:10, which says, “Do not despise these little beginnings; for the Lord rejoices to see the work get started, to see the plumb line in Zerrubabel’s hand.”

Good luck to all.
Long live SAMDA Cameroon!

Long live Cameroon!!