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The idea of SAMDA formation was born in New Jersey right after UNICCO’s last failed election blunder in May 2010. To be specific, the discussion started between two unknown brothers of Saclepea Mah Chiefdom during the pulling of unregistered members of one of the candidates for that particular UNICCO election.

  • Recruiting experienced nurses to take on challenges western countries remotely
  • Building soccer and basketball competitions in schools
  • Working to sell farmers agriculture products


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We’re Helping People in Need in Africa Carribiean and America.

  • Agriculture

    We want for all African countries to be able to share what they are producing among their population.

  • Sports

    our goal is to see United State of Africa girls' team taking on United State of America girls' team.

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How to make a donation on your site ?

All funds accepted by SAMDA as donations and collected as a result of the organization’s fundraising efforts are used for internal support of SAMDA. These funds are not used for private gain of any individual

Becoming a volunteer is very difficult ?

SAMDA will seek the opportunity to organize short-term travel missions for volunteers from the U.S. to help these farmers complete their projects. Locally trained and experienced farm workers will also be required to help.

How can i raise fund for poor people ?

All organization’s programs in Liberia, Africa and in the U.S. will be started in 2013. Currently we raise awareness of our organization, obtain funds, and plan the ways in which we will assist our beneficiaries.

  • DMV Ethiopian Soccer team that took part in SAMDA ALL AFRICAN GAME IN 2019 at Columbia, MD.

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